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Upcoming Silverlight Webcasts and Live Events

Pete Brown - 19 September 2008

Here are some of the talks I’ll be doing in the next month and a half or so.

Wednesday October 22 MSDN geekSpeak webcast : Building Facebook applications with Silverlight 2 . We’ll cover some of the challenges and some tips and tidbits for building applications for Facebook platform. Join me, Glen Gordon and Andrew Duthie for this event.


Saturday October 25 CMAP CodeCamp Fall Edition : Building Facebook applications with Silverlight 2 . This will be an almost entirely demo and code-driven session where I’ll build a Silverlight Facebook application up from scratch. We’ll have more time for demo than the geekSpeak, so this will be more in-depth on the code-side. If you attend both sessions, you’ll find they dovetail together nicely.

The CMAP code camps are always professionally run and very well attended. If you haven’t been to one, make this your first – you won’t be sorry. Register soon!


Week of October 28 DC Techdays – Introduction to Silverlight 2 (details, date and venue coming soon. Will be in the DC area.)


Tuesday November 4 CMAP Monthly Meeting : What’s new in Silverlight (discussion and demo of things announced at the PDC the week before). Tell your SO you’re going to go out to vote and then sneak out to the meeting. Going to be some cool stuff discussed here.

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