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Pete Brown - 21 August 2008

I’m glad there’s an option to get a different challenge


posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, August 21, 2008
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5 comments for “CAPTCHA Fail”

  1. Patricksays:
    I am *really* sick of Captcha's everywhere. And many of them, like the one above, are ridiculously hard to read. (AX@4% <-- my guess)

    This was especially annoying when I tried to Digg something for the first time the other day. Absolutely dreadful experience! I had to jump through hoops, pick categories, make sure there was no duplicates -- and then at the end it told me the categories I picked were wrong! Well, if it knows what the right category is why make me choose?

    I can't believe so many people use that site. Nasty, nasty user experience.

    edit -- HA! Your CAPTCHA just told me I got it wrong!
  2. Pete Brownsays:
    I hate CAPTCHA too, but you should have seen the amount of comment spam I was getting. Literally hundreds a day.

    My new site (under development) uses Akamai instead of CAPTCHA, so it is pretty frictionless. TBD how well it will work.

    BTW, my guess on that one is "4 1/2 © 4 2/3" but you'd need to use the character map or alt codes to type in those fractions.

  3. Arielsays:
    Well, if web developers put in a bit of code to determine that a request sent from the actual page then there will be no need for captcha which is very intrusive. Check out my article here


    I've got a few contact us page that implements this methodology and I haven't received any messages from a "bot" yet....

    Wordpress should implement the same methodology on they're comments form, so webmasters dont get useless messages day in and day out...

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