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MSDN geekSpeak On Wednesday May 28 - Connecting Silverlight 2

Pete Brown - 23 May 2008

I'm really looking forward to next week's geekSpeak with Andrew Duthie and Glen Gordon. In that show, I'll be talking about (and showing code, of course) different ways to connect Silverlight 2 applications to the outside world (WCF, REST, Sockets etc.)

  • Date: May 28, 2008
  • Time: 3:00pm eastern, noon pacific time

Glen runs a really unique webcast in a format I really like. It's more like a talk-radio show than a traditional 1:n webcast. Here's the overview:

MSDN geekSpeak is a new kind of webcast series, hosted by developer evangelists from Microsoft. Dispensing with slide decks and scripted demonstrations, geekSpeak webcasts bring you industry experts in a sort of "talk-radio" format. These experts share their knowledge and experience around a particular developer technology, and are ready to answer your questions in real-time during the webcast. Learn about industry trends, new technologies, real-world experiences, and more. During the webcasts, you hear lively discussion and debate, and can even add your comments to the fray. Who knows, you might even see a whiteboard sketch or an off-the-cuff demo.

Microsoft Silverlight 2 provides a number of new ways for connecting your application to servers and services, especially sockets, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), SOAP, and Representational State Transfer (REST). It also has a number of restrictions and differences when compared to the full Microsoft .NET 3.5 stack. In this episode of geekSpeak, Silverlight Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Pete Brown answers your questions about connecting Silverlight 2 to your servers and services, and he slings some code to show how it all works. Your hosts for this geekSpeak are Glen Gordon and G. Andrew Duthie.

If you have a question or comment you would like us to address during the webcast, visit the geekSpeak blog and submit it now.

Be sure to check it out. Better yet, submit your questions via the geekSpeak blog prior to the show so we can address them live, during the show.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, May 23, 2008
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2 comments for “MSDN geekSpeak On Wednesday May 28 - Connecting Silverlight 2”

  1. Ben Hayatsays:
    Hey Pete, looking forward to your Webcast. I've seen questions on SL forum and Astoria forum, where people want to know why "REST" is used between SL client and Astoria server. Could you please give a detail explanation about REST, it's advantage and why MSFT chose that for Astoria? This is going to be our bread &b butter for a while! Thanks!


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