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  • Important Notice: Change in RSS Feed URL

    Effective immediately, I am moving the RSS feed for this blog over to FeedBurner. The new URL for my feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PeteBrown Most decent feedreaders should redirect to that and update the feed URL. If they don't, please plug the new URL in there. I plan to migrate to a new blogging platform sometime in the near future (I'm considering several right now including Sha...

  • Anti-Internet Explorer Site Code

    Everyone loves to hate Internet Explorer. Microsoft was originally late to the browser game, but eventually won out over other browsers. Think of that what you may, but I have to admit that the competition at the time was made up of some pretty crappy browsers. It wasn't until the battle was pretty much lost that the alternatives started getting interesting. The IE folks sat on the browser fo...

  • Simple Xaml Drop Shadows in Silverlight 2

    A while back, I showed how to vectorize "drop shadows" in Expression Design. It wasn't perfect (especially at the start and stop points of the line), but it was quick, easy, and didn't require any additional png files.Since then, Expression Design 2 has been released in Beta form, and the Expression Design team dropped the ability to vectorize the brush strokes. From speaking ...