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Mike Wolf on Silverlight and User Experience

Pete Brown - 31 January 2008

Mike Wolf will be speaking at CMAP this coming Tuesday. The topic is: "UX is the new UI: It's not the framework, it's how you use it"

Abstract from Mike's blog:

As developers we love our frameworks and the elegance of code. Yet we often spend so much time staring at code we forget the essential user centered problem were trying to solve. In addition, due to the amazing and ever evolving frameworks/ tools / controls we have at our disposal, we often forgo what's most usable for what's most available. In this talk we will delve into these problems using examples written in Microsoft Silverlight, including the winning solution from the Microsoft Phizzpop Design Challenge LA.

CMAP is a great group of folks; I've spoken there many times. The group is open and inviting, and large enough to be able to conduct good meetings that attract quality speakers. If you are new to the group (or usergroups in general) and live in Maryland, this will be a great session to attend to get your feet wet.

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posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, January 31, 2008
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