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Monthly Archives:

  • Silverlight LED Control

    Fello AIS'er Frank LaVigne put together a cool Silverlight 1.1 LED UserControl and posted it on his site. Check it outFrank also converted his Flash-based site navigation menu to Silverlight 1.0.

  • Upcoming Silverlight Talks and Events

    Recap of my upcoming talks and events:Thursday November 1: PAFox - Introduction to Silverlight (almost two hours of introduction to Silverlight)Saturday November 3: Silverlight DC Devcamp (this promises to be a great full-day event)Tuesday November 6: CMAP - 15 Minutes on Silverlight (topic TBD)Hope to see you there! 

  • Autumn Desktop Backgrounds

    My main website is pretty disjointed from my blog here, and with one exception, is rarely updated any more. I do plan to convert the main site over, prune out old stuff at somepoint, and make it as easy to update as my blog (WSS will likely be part of that solution)Anyway, the one part of my main site that does get updated on a fairly regular basis is the wallpaper subsite. This part of my...