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  • Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide

    Microsoft has release the Silverlight Enterprise Deployment GuideThis only includes 1.0 right now, but the deployment instructions and specifics should be pretty similar between versions.Microsoft wants to make sure Silverlight is taken seriously in the enterprise, something which has some pretty exciting possibilities.

  • Silverlight Game Developer? Check out this 2D Physics Engine

    If you write games for Silverlight, Windows, or XNA (Windows/XBOX 360), you will want to try out this port of the Farseer Physics Engine.If targeting Silverlight, you'll need Silverlight 1.1 to use this. Here's a set of demos done in 1.1. You'll see springs/elastic, revolution, gravity, inertia and other typical physics engine goodies all running on our favorite RIA platform. C...

  • Microsoft Releasing Source Code for .NET 3.5

    In case you haven't seen it yet, Microsoft is releasing a huge chunk of source code for .NET 3.5. From Scott Guthrie's blog:One of the things my team has been working to enable has been the ability for .NET developers to download and browse the source code of the .NET Framework libraries, and to easily enable debugging support in them.Today I'm excited to announce that we'll be ...