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  • Cool Demo

    Every once in a while I check back in with the demo scene. I always enjoyed the cracktros on the commodore 64, and later the cool demos by Future Crew and others in DOS.This is a pretty new demo, and it is very cool, especially when you consider the tiny size of the exe.Check it out. fr-041: debrisMy old p4 with the GeForce FX would only run at 800x600 with decent speed. A newer box w...

  • Naming Conventions and Hungarian Notation Advocates

    Due to the naming conventions article I wrote some time ago, I tend to get a lot of guestbook comments on both sides of the issue. This latest comment illustrates one of the reasons I am so dead-set against Hungarian notation (or more importantly, its common [mis]use)Puneet Mehresh wrote:intEIN = objCustomer.Name("xyz"); by reading this, one can easly depict that an object is returnin...

  • Will Vista be Remembered like Windows ME?

    Windows ME is something Microsoft would probably rather forget. While some of its more interesting technology made it into XP (file recovery/snapshots, for example), the OS was pretty much a marketing and user disaster. At the time, most enthusiasts who wanted to stick with Microsoft kept Windows 98 for games and did real work on Windows 2000. Most people who had ME had it only because the...