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  • Temporarily Disable Screensaver in your WPF Code

    I wrote a small media player for my son. I wrote the original version in Silverlight, but quickly ran into a problem where no matter what I did, Silverlight wouldn't read the larger video files (encoding was fine, so I'm pretty sure this is a 1.1 alpha bug). Anyway, I rewrote it as a WPF app. The first time it ran, my wife realized I had forgotten something very important: the screensav...

  • CMAP Silverlight talk on Tuesday October 2

    I'll be speaking at the CMAP General Meeting on Tuesday October 2, 2007. Since there will be another Silverlight introduction session covered by another developer, I will be focusing almost entirely on the Carbon Calculator and how Silverlight worked on that project.This will be very similar to the presentation I and scheduled for at Remix07 in Boston.See you there!

  • Silverlight Carbon Calculator is Back up

    The Silverlight Carbon Calculator is back up and functioning. It took some doing to get it back up (not technical so much as just fitting it into their update schedule), but thanks to Steve Suing for doing all the hard work on bringing this up to the latest 1.1 release.Thanks also to Lamont and Keith at Microsoft for helping us cut through some of the non-technical issues and get this up a...