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CMAP is Looking for Speakers for the Fall 2007 Code Camp

Pete Brown - 15 September 2007
If you can speak at the code camp, that would be great. Otherwise, I think you'll find attending to be enjoyable and educational. The code camps always have great speakers and great attendance.
From Chris Steen at CMAP:
Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals (CMAP) will holding its Code Camp 2007 Fall Edition on October 13, 2007.  The Code Camp will be held from 9am - 5pm in Columbia, MD.

We are currently looking for speakers for our Code Camp. There will be 5 tracks with (4) 75 minute sessions in each track.  In addition, we are also planning on having several 45 minute chalk talks during lunch.
.NET 101
This track emphasizes the basic fundamentals of .NET and all of its technologies. It covers what .NET technologies are, how they work, and how you can put them to use in your Windows or Web application. This track is an ideal place for new comers to the world of .NET or those who wanted a quick refresher on the principles behind the design of .NET technologies.
NET Futures  
.NET is an ever developing and changing technology. The sessions in this track will help you keep up with the recent and upcoming changes in .NET. Examples of future .NET technologies include LINQ, SQL Server 2008, .NET 3.5, and C# 3.0, among others.
Best Practices  
It is not enough to know the ins and outs of all .NET technologies. What is more important is to know how to apply them to solve your business problems in an effective and efficient manner. This track focuses on best practices, guidelines, application architecture templates, and tried and proven ways to make your .NET application maintainable, extensible, scalable, and reliable.
Data Access and SQL Server 2005
Data is king and knowing to handle it is one of the most important aspects of .NET. Come to the sessions in this track to learn more about how .NET access its application data and how SQL Server helps you better manage your data and its access
This track includes session in other topics not covered in the above tracks.
posted by Pete Brown on Saturday, September 15, 2007
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