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  • More on Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Animation Performance

    I was concerned about the performance of Silverlight animation as uncovered in my balloons example. I did a couple more tests on my own PC.Running as is with balloons and clouds: iexplore.exe uses about 65-75% CPU on my P4 PC (99% on my wife's AMD laptop)Removing the balloons and balloon creation loop, leaving only the fixed xaml-based cloud animation: about 55% CPU usageRemoving all animat...

  • SharePoint 2003 Image Viewer Webpart written in Silverlight

    Simon put together an ImageViewer web part in Silverlight. While this is for SP 2003, the concepts, if not the code, can be ported to SP 2007.More information at Simon Tocker's site.

  • Silverlight 1.1 Balloons

    I had to try out some code-based animation and dynamic controls tonight without messing up my much larger solution.As it happens, my son absolutely loves balloons (beyond loves: he's obsessed - "balloon" was his first word outside of mama dada; I don't know if all 1 1/2 year olds are into them as much as him), especially this one site - pogo poppit - that has balloon...