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Corner Lazy Susan Cabinet Installed

Pete Brown - 22 November 2006

I installed the base corner cabinet over the weekend. I assembled this in the kitchen as the cabinet is pretty huge. As of now, the two installed cabinets are the oven cabinet and the corner cabinet. The others in the photos are the temporary cabinets.

Like all the other cabinets, the toe kick was  assembled separately from the base. For this cabinet, it made sense to pocket-screw the base to the cabinet before installation. The floor of the cabinet was built as two pieces in order to allow me to properly cut tongues on the inside corner to stick the face frame on.

Also note the stiffener on the cabinet sides. The plywood has a nasty habit of bowing, so I've glued and screwed 1 3/4" plywood stiffeners on all external sides. Sides 24" and wider have two stiffeners. The visible one below is on an 18" side (it doesn't go all the way to the back wall) Not only does that help straighten out the sides, but it also will make the cabinets more capable of holding a thick granite top. Unfortunately the piece closest to the fridge bowed the opposite way (GRR!!). Luckily, the hardware going in there will attach at the top and bottom instead of to the sides.

This is really two cabinets in one. The cabinet near the fridge is extra deep and will have a pull-out mini-pantry unit.

One design idea that didn't work was bending 1/4" plywood to a 14-15" radius to make a formed back around the lazy susan. The ply just couldn't make that corner. Some special bending plywood would likely work, but after looking at the cabinet and talking with my wife, I'm just going to square off the back with some flat 1/4"

Not that neither the 2" wide legs nor the curved skirt are installed at this point. They will go in place later, as will the bi-fold door on the front of the lazy susan portion.

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, November 22, 2006
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