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Renovation Update

Pete Brown - 09 July 2006

Over the July 4th holiday, I managed to get some of the wainscoting installed in Ben's room. I decided to trim the alcove like I am the doors. The trim is primed 4/4" wood, except that on the inside which is unprimed 3/4". I'll paint that soon. Overall, I'm very pleased with the results with the wainscoting and the trim.

I finally finished resawing all of that cabinet wood. The photos below (taken on July 4) show about half of the wood. I finished the job this weekend and have a bunch more to sticker in the pile. The photo to the right was taken at Hearne Hardwoods when the guy was showing me the lumber (that's him at the forklift)


The next step is to finish stickering it here in the basement, and to put the fan and dehumidifier on it to bring the moisture content down to what it will be like in my kitchen. That will probably take about two weeks or so. The wood was air and (presumably) kiln dried, but it sat in a storage building for quite some time, giving it a pretty consistent moisture content of 10% to 12%. I'd like to get it down to 6%-8%. To help the process, I planed off all the rough outsides on the boards before resawing them. That killed a set of planer knives, but was easier than using a belt sander on it.

While planing and resawing, I had some pleasant surprises. Most of the wood has a fairly significant amount of tiger stripe and/or ghost streaks (worm holes). Resawing gives you nice bookmatch of those pieces

Some of the areas around the knots are very highly figured, and will likely only smooth with a scraper. The shot below shows a piece which, while not around a loose knot, has some unusual bird's eye figure. Bird's eye is typically found in hard maple, not soft maple.



posted by Pete Brown on Sunday, July 9, 2006
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