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  • Balcony Rail Started

    I have one section of the balcony railing and balusters installed. The balusters are the longer ones I purchased from the person on eBay. The primer on them is almost like plastic, so the trim nails slid off of them if shot at too steep an angle. That meant I had to install the nails on the visible faces (instead of between balusters), where I could shoot at a more shallow angle. I'll have ...

  • The Great Gingersnap Deception

    I like to find patterns in things. I especially like to find duplications, such as when a package of cereal only has one cocoa puff or biscuit or bit photoshopped and duplicated to create a pile of them on the front of the package. Take a close look next time you or your kids have breakfast.This box of ginger snaps is especially rich. The front of the package has just a couple snaps, duplicated...