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  • Starter Newel Installed on Stairs

    I cut and installed the starter newel today. It took me almost all day to cut and fit it, as it was one solid post (actually it is filled with poplar 1x or something similar), and was too deep for my circular saw, and with the molding, too akward for my table saw.In the end, I started the cuts with the circular saw and then finished it with chisels and a flush trim router bit. It took forever t...

  • Consolas Font Pack for Visual Studio 2005

    Prior to this release, Consolas was only available on Windows Vista. Of course, this font will look best on Vista, with subpixel ClearType technology, but it also looks ok XP, as long as you use the correct font smoothing. Here's what the font looks like with the three different smoothing options provided in Windows XP. Yes, the no-smoothing version really looks that bad. Sta...