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  • NorthFace WPF Demo and Whitepaper

    The demo and whitepaper have been updated for the February CTP of WinFX. You can get to it here.

  • MIX06 Thanks

    Just a quick thanks to Robert Ingrebretsen and Filipe Fortes from Microsoft for spending some time during the MIX chat with me. Among other things, they helped alleviate my concerns (somewhat) regarding WPF and WPF/E diverging from each other, causing us all sorts of headaches like we have with different browsers right now. The both recognized that as a real concern they themselves have, and s...

  • The New RSS Platform

    One other session I attended on the last day of MIX06 was the sparsely-attended 8:30 AM RSS Platform Presentation. One of the folks from team RSS was there presenting about the new RSS functionality in IE7 as well as the new RSS API which will ship with IE7. Overall, I think the API and the concepts behind it are useful and well executed. However, IMHO, they did a few dumb things with the API...

  • Office SharePoint Server 2007 - the Sleeper Hit

    Every conference seems to have a sleeper hit - something which was underplayed and ended up drawing huge crowds, or as in this case, something which was added at the last minute and which didn't appear on the schedules, but still filled a whole ballroom. For MIX06, the topic was Office SharePoint Server presented by Jackie Bodine. Traditional SharePoint SharePoint has been enhanced to includ...