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MIX06 Thanks

Pete Brown - 23 March 2006

Just a quick thanks to Robert Ingrebretsen and Filipe Fortes from Microsoft for spending some time during the MIX chat with me. Among other things, they helped alleviate my concerns (somewhat) regarding WPF and WPF/E diverging from each other, causing us all sorts of headaches like we have with different browsers right now.

The both recognized that as a real concern they themselves have, and so I know it will be watched. The teams communicate heavily and are in the same building. While that does not guarantee anything, at least I know it is also on their minds.

Oh, and thanks to Filipe for explaining what a Program Manager at Microsoft does. It runs the gamut, but basically they are technical project managers (managing smaller teams, usually), evangelists, and sometimes in the trench coders.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, March 23, 2006
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