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  • Ben's Bookcase

    I finished the bookcase for Ben's room this week. Painting and sanding took a while, as it has been pretty cold here, and I had to paint outdoors, so I was at the mercy of whatever 50 degree day I could get for a couple hours. The low temperatures also made the paint goop up a bit (it didn't flow like it would on a warm day), so it was not ideal. Sanding and additional coats fixed that,...

  • Photo Retouching

    This image shows how I retouched a photo of Ben on my lap before sending it to Kodak for printing. I was experimenting with the soft focus and some other features in Paint Shop Pro. I have used them to clean up images of trains and whanot before, but rarely people. Click on the image for a larger version I selected the background using the edge selection tool. Once I had that, I experimente...