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Baby's Room Ready

Pete Brown - 08 January 2006

Well, except for trim and for patching the nail holes in the floor, but that will be done at the same time I do it for the rest of the house. This is the first room to have the new flooring completely installed. I have to stay that I really like the look. The strand bamboo flooring has a unique character to it and really contrasts well with a light colored wall.


Melissa and I picked out the colors and decorations a while back, with my primary contribution being the giant turtle on the floor :-)

The paint job, including the stencil, was done by Melissa a while back. I put the floor down (separate blog entry below on that), just finishing today.

We know he won't spend much (if any time) in this room for a while (most of his time will likely be in a sling or in the Amby next to our bed), but it will be ready for him when he wants it.

posted by Pete Brown on Sunday, January 8, 2006
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