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Dining Room Light

Pete Brown - 02 November 2005

To replace the ugly old builder's chandelier over the dining room table, we ordered this lamp:

It was more than our initial budget for this light, but it fits our Arts & Crafts / Craftsman inspired theme nicely, unlike any others we've seen.

These are all made to order. It just so happens we picked the same number of lights, finish, trim, and glass as the example shown in the photo above: AICH-4TCR-BZ. You can see this chandelier, and other Craftsman and Craftsman-inspired lamps at Arroyo Craftsman. We ordered ours online through Lighting Universe, as they had the best price and policies online.

As part of the kitchen work, the electrician will move the fixture location approximately two feet so this will be in line, right above the table.

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, November 2, 2005
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