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  • Kitchen Renovation Floor Plan and Appliances

    Here's the floor plan for our kitchen renovation. The opening between the living room and kitchen/dining area will be almost double in width (compared to current) to let in a lot more natural light as well as provide for a much more open feeling between the rooms. (click for larger image)Here's my rationale for the locations of the various items:The cooktop is angled out and faces the l...

  • Week 20 - 4d Ultrasound

    On Friday September 23, 2005, we had the 20 week ultrasound. Luckily, they were able to do the 4d ultrasound (4d is 3d + movement the fourth dimension is time) I was hoping for. Here is a shot of the 4d ultrasound. The baby is lying against the placenta here; you are looking at the side of the baby's face. Click on it for a larger version. 4d Ultrasounds tend to still be pretty noisy (a...

  • A Guided Tour of the Windows Presentation Foundation

    Check out the new guided tour of WPF on the MSDN site. Summary: Get an overview of Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code-named "Avalon") and a context for this new graphics subsystem. Survey the architecture and major components available within this release for developers. (37 printed pages)