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  • More Swag, and Tablet PC 101

    Yes, more PDC swag :) I spent a half hour in a hands-on lab today, learning how to program for the tablet PC in Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2005. In return for doing something which I considered to be enjoyable and enlightening, I received a refurbished Wacom Graphire 4x5 Tablet, and a 256mb memory stick with all the labs. Pretty nice! It is much easier to program for ink and handwriting ...

  • Microsoft PDC Day 1 Recap

    Microsoft PDC Day 1 Everything Looks Different The first thing that became clear to me today was that we're in for another user interface revolution, one even larger than the change from Windows 3.x to Windows 95. Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon), Windows Vista, and Office 12 turn your UI world upside down. A la Carte Office 12, in its current form, completely does away with the...