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  • Week 15

    Wednesday August 17 started week 15 of pregnancy. Melissa is feeling better (no more nausea), but is still very tired all day. I've also noticed a definite change in mood and emotions. Then again, that could just be because my remodeling efforts have made an enormous mess of the house, and I've been a bit of a cad about it :) http://www.pregnancyguideonline.com/wk15.htm 25 weeks to go.

  • Appraisals and Home Renovations

    I started this home renovation before I considered expanding it and seeking financing. That ugly old wallpaper just had to go. Rule 1 in Home renovating: if you even think you might be looking for financing to do the renovation don't do anything yet! Now I'm scrambling to put temporary trim back on the walls, finish removing the wallpaper and patch and prime before the appraiser comes...