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Windows 8 XAML in Action: Here Comes the MEAP! (and limited time 40% discount code)

Pete Brown - 07 June 2012

The next book is well underway! We released several chapters from Windows 8 XAML in Action as part of this week's MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) kickoff.

Through the MEAP, you get access to chapters right after my development editor takes a look at them. You don't have to wait for the full book to be finished and in print (which takes forever) to be able to use it. Bonus: MEAP chapters have extra snark and pithy footnotes, before they get filtered out by several rounds of content review ;)


Get it

Through June 14th use the code j740 at Manning to Get the MEAP at 40% off.

Support my gadget habits. Show some XAML love. Oh, and possibly learn a thing or two about building Windows applications :)

Be Heard

I want the book to be excellent. Help me do that by participating in the forums and letting me know what's good, what's bad, and what you want.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, June 7, 2012
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5 comments for “Windows 8 XAML in Action: Here Comes the MEAP! (and limited time 40% discount code)”

  1. Petesays:
    @windows skill

    It's detailed information about what you need to know to build WinRT applications using C# and XAML.

    I include tips in the text, but this is more in-depth than that.

  2. Peter Naldalsays:
    Hi Pete
    I am interested in buying your book. I value your comprehensive from the ground up approach as seen in your first chapter. I found your homepage as a result of a Google search on "Windows 8 Metro + UDP". I am therefore very interested in your networking chapter. Please, list some keywords regarding that chapter. Does it present Bluetooth examples?

    What about the up-coming Windows 8 Phone release? Is there any advice in the book concerning Metro style development for WP?

  3. Petesays:


    I'm writing the second networking chapter right now, and it will have sockets and other stuff. Let me see if Bluetooth makes sense in there.

    No public info on Windows Phone 8 just yet. Of course, much will apply as the dev platforms are similar, but there will likely be quite a few differences as well.

    I've also done quite a bit of book reorganization. If you get into to the Manning Early Access Program, most of those changes will be in the next drop.


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