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Released: New Version of Expression Blend for Silverlight 5

Pete Brown - 29 March 2012

You may have noticed that your current copy of Expression Blend for Silverlight 5 expires in the next day or two. A new version of Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5 is now out. Get it here.

This new version has the all important go-live license, and also extends the expiration date to June 20, 2013 (over a year from now)..

More information on the Expression Blend Team Blog.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, March 29, 2012
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3 comments for “Released: New Version of Expression Blend for Silverlight 5”

  1. Hugosays:
    Hi Peter,

    What's going to happen to Blend after this expiration date?
    I'm afraid to start new projects using Blend without knowing what will happen after this "trial" period!

    Thank you
  2. Petesays:

    We just released Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (CTP). It includes a unified version of Blend which works for everything, including Silverlight and WPF.

    The CTP doesn't have a go-live, but the release of Update 2 isn't far away.


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