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The Real Men’s Food Pyramid

Pete Brown - 13 February 2012

I found out in April 2011 that I have type 2 diabetes. I've managed it with diet and medication. My diet dropped sugar, flour, potatoes, most fruit, and most other starches or high carb/sugar content foods. Essentially goods are chosen primarily for their low glycemic index, something I learned about long ago when Melissa and I followed the South Beach diet (before they caved to commercial pressure and started licensing their name to all sorts of junk - yeah, I did that diet before it was cool ;) ). It's a little bit South Beach Phase I and a little bit Atkins, maybe a little Paleo, but I never really looked into that.

The net effect has been to lower my blood sugar down to the point where I was able to cut the medication in half. My last check-in, which included the time over the holidays, showed my average for the three months including Thanksgiving and Christmas to be in the high 5s. Normal is 6.0. When I started, I was over 12. That 5.something was with still having things like blueberries, nuts, and the occasional treat at a birthday or Christmas party.

So it astonished me to see today more than one " Diabetic Food Pyramid" online, at established sites, which promoted starches and breads as the primary foods that diabetics should eat. Most even show bananas yes, bananas the higest glycemic index fruit out there, in that big bottom foundation portion. That's just irresponsible. I know that type 2 is different from type 1, but even my friend Scott Hanselman found that when he ate low-carb like salads with chicken, his sugar was really easy to control.

So, half tongue in cheek, I present to you the real Men's Food Pyramid.


Half tongue in cheek because I try not to each that much red meat (or anywhere near that much bacon) despite it's nomness, but given the choice between one of those and some sort of pastry or high carb thing (often the choice for breakfast when traveling. I die a little inside when I see "continental breakfast" on the agenda), the meat wins every time.

Oh, and I need to eat a lot more vegetables - we all should.

PS. The title is not deliberately sexists. It's just whenever any woman in my life sees a diet that looks like this, they turn a little green.

PPS. My doctor totally supports my diet and has been astonished with the results. I do need to lose more weight, though :)

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, February 13, 2012
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7 comments for “The Real Men’s Food Pyramid”

  1. Bill Curnowsays:
    Greg, I don't drink coffee so I'm simply dropping the category from this chart and replacing it with beer. That has the added bonus of getting some form of bread back on the pyramid.
  2. Mylessays:
    You may want to check out the book "Inflammation Nation" by Dr Chilton. May work/assist with your diet choices. Makes interesting reading. It's worked for me to a certain extent.

  3. Petesays:
    Melissa reminded me that in my own personal eating habits, the bottom tier should consist entirely of cheese and nuts, meat and eggs in the middle, coffee, fruit and veggies at the top (with veggies being just the tiny bit of the top) :)
  4. Andrewsays:
    Actually eat as many eggs as you like, serum cholesterol is produced mostly in the liver (which is how statins work), not by what you eat. So eat all the eggs you want! With bacon!
  5. bill robertssays:
    Pete, you nailed it... had to share this pic per facebook.

    I've been doing a reduced carb thing now for some 2 years close - and it's almost exactly per you diag.

    Coffee? Throughout the day, starting with freshly ground beans, topped with Heavy Cream (half & half is fer them lightweights!).

    Breakfast, Eggs and Bacon / Sausage
    Lunch, a heaping helping of taco seasoned burger meat with a lather of nacho cheese
    Dinner, grilled chicken / sausage / beef /pork
    (Whatever meat thing i purchased and grilled on Sunday usually.)

    Any one of those meals may be offset by lunch meat slapped with tasty slices of Swiss cheese , thoroughly nuked to perfection. Or perhaps a hot dog or 3, also nuked to golden perfection.

    Oh, and you mentioned veggies? Pico-di-gallo on the taco meat, if you please. More seriously, I’ll do veggies occasionally but almost with exception, will avoid devil fruit… Just think biblical here… Was it a slab of Prosciutto, perhaps some Beef Jerky? A Mac Royale? No… It was a frigg’n apple that brought is down – enough said!

    I am a big fan of cashews and there sometimes I cheat , but I find that I my power to say “went”, that is to limit my intake, is lacking so for now, I’ve sworn off of nuts completely.

    And what has this accomplished me? Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and about 80 lbs. of weight loss initially... I think I put about 15 back on (damn them cashews!).

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