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  • Simplifying Async Networking with Tasks in Silverlight 5

    This is a modified excerpt from chapter 17 "Networking Basics" in Silverlight 5 in Action. You can thank James Manning (no relation to the publisher) for this being in the book. Persistence pays off :) Shameless pimping: If you're looking for a one-stop shop for learning Silverlight 5, consider my book Silverlight 5 in Action, to be released in print near the end of this year. It's ...

  • The Big List of What’s New or Improved in Silverlight 5

    Several of you have asked for a more complete list of the features that are new or improved in Silverlight 5, especially those new to the RC. Here is my mostly complete list of major features. I haven't included the tons of fixes and improvements, but maintained a focus on major features. (I say "mostly complete" so I have an out when I later realize I forgot something.) Binding and R...