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.NET Micro Framework 4.2 RC2 Now Released

Pete Brown - 30 August 2011

We released RC2 of the .NET Micro Framework 4.2 on CodePlex yesterday. The .NET Micro Framework as an Apache-licensed open source project run by Colin Miller's team in the Developer Division at Microsoft.


One thing that separates the .NET Micro Framework from some of the other open source projects we have going on is that it actively solicits submissions, and incorporates them into the releases. This is important as the .NET MF is used on a broad range of very different types of hardware with different microcontrollers. In fact, if you have a favorite unsupported micro controller, and the ability to compile native code to it (oh, and the deep knowledge of the chip), you can do your own port of the framework to that device or chip.

Here are some relevant posts, podcasts, and links for NETMF.

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posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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