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Site Outage

Pete Brown - 28 January 2011

Tuesday night, we got a few inches of snow. Before Wednesday morning, that converted over to rain, forming a nice heavy slush. Later on Wednesday, it got cold enough to snow again, freezing all that slush on the trees and roads. Of course, later that day, it changed back to sleet.

So, of course, Wednesday night at about 10:00pm eastern, we lost power. We just not got power restored to the area.

Some of you know this, but I self-host my web site, domain, email servers etc. in an APC server rack in my basement. (the web site and data servers are a couple of old IBM 345 dual proc rack servers from eBay). I did it both as a cost saving measure (when I priced hosting, my bandwidth and storage requirements ended up exceeding $150 per month) as well as to have the freedom to run beta software (I ran .NET betas on my sites) and otherwise tinker as I saw fit.

However, each year, I lose power at least once in the winter time. Typical outage is about 8 hours, although this one lasted well over that.

I'm reconsidering external hosting with someone who will support SQL server, half a gig of files, higher-than-average bandwidth etc.

In any case, my apologies for the outage and thanks to everyone who emailed, tweeted, IM'd and otherwise let me know my site was down :)

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, January 28, 2011
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2 comments for “Site Outage”

  1. Karthiksays:
    You're doing a great job besides considering external hosting get a reliable power generator or find good place for co-location in dc it seems a good idea rather finding some slow overpriced shared hosting plan.

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