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Silverlight 5 Announced, RIA Services Toolkit December 2010 Released

Pete Brown - 02 December 2010

Today has been a busy day for Silverlight developers!

Silverlight 5

If you missed the Silverlight Firestarter keynote this morning, be sure to watch it on-demand. During the keynote, Scott Guthrie announced Silverlight 5 and detailed many of the new features. Scott has a succinct blog post summarizing the key announcements.

The impressive list of features is available on our Silverlight Futures site. Be sure to check out the Business Application Development tab (and show that to your management!)

The Continuum of Client Technologies

Scott said "We recognize there's been a lot of angst over this topic in the past few weeks. There is a Silverlight future, and we think it's going to be a very bright one". Scott also reiterated the future for UI: HTML5, Silverlight, and WPF are UI technologies we're heavily investing in. "Our goal is to provide a technology portfolio that enables developers to build the best possible user experiences." The slide below shows the technologies from reach to rich with Silverlight squarely positioned in the middle of this continuum.


Also during the keynote we saw some really impressive non-trivial Silverlight business applications. Not only did they look good, but they each had a ton of business-critical functionality all implemented in Silverlight.

Silverlight 5 itself will beta in the first half of 2011 and release by the end of the year 2011.

WCF RIA Services Toolkit December 2010

At the same time as today's keynote, we announced an update to the WCF RIA Services Toolkit. Check out Jeff Handley's post to learn more, especially about the MVVM-friendly data source: DomainCollectionView.

(PS: Silverlight 5 in Action isn't done <g>, but I am working on it)

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, December 2, 2010
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3 comments for “Silverlight 5 Announced, RIA Services Toolkit December 2010 Released”

  1. Davidsays:

    Thanks for the keynote - Silverlight 5 looks awesome!

    However, it does not matter how awesome Silverlight is if it is not installed on the user's machine.

    Microsoft will embed HTML in IE9 - why not also install the current version of Silverlight at the same time and level the playing field.

    All the Microsoft voices continue to talk about how great Silverlight is but no one seems willing to discuss Microsoft's plans to insure a high market penetration of Windows desktop browsers - so Microsoft is saying going ahead and invest in Silverlight and maybe it will be on your customer's machine and maybe it will not.

    Very disappointing to not hear this issue addressed after all that has happened since the last PDC.

  2. Ganeshsays:
    Yes I agree the same thought from David.

    Why not MS not integrate as a part of IE9 or may be even IE8 as a service pack or so. This prevents lots of companies jumping to building applications on Silverlight.

    The other pain point is the installation requires "Admin" priveleges which many company doesn't provide to everyone.

    Guess if these 2 issues addressed adoption of SL will go wild.

  3. jason callisonsays:
    I think this is awesome and love that Microsoft is commited to Silverlight. But don't you think that having to tell the President of the company that uses your cool Silverlight application that when he wants to save his report that he will need to manually type in the default file name because Silverlight doesn't support the developers ability to provide a default file name? Is this really a version 5 feature? Or version 6, 7, 8? or version 1?

    Please vote for this feature becuase eventally everyone that is doing LOB application in Silverlight will need this capability.


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