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  • Speaking at Tech Ed Europe 2010: Berlin

    Next month, I'll be speaking at Tech Ed Europe 2010 in Berlin. I'm really excited, as I haven't been further east than Lille, France. I've always heard Germany was a great place to visit. I'm presenting three sessions, covering WPF and Silverlight, plus some time on the Silverlight Experts Roundtable: DEV205 - 10 Things Every Silverlight and WPF Developer Must Know If you're a c...

  • My Team in Developer Guidance at Microsoft

    It's hard to believe, but I'm 6 days away from having been at Microsoft a full year. Time flies! I had a great first year at Microsoft, thanks in no small part to the mentoring and guidance from great folks like Scott Hanselman and Cyra Richardson. Check out the first half of this podcast to meet Cyra (and Scott, of course) As is the nature of things at Microsoft, we started off thi...