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Prism v4 – Drop 9 Coming Wednesday Morning

Pete Brown - 05 October 2010


You'll find Prism v4 Drop 9 tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Prism is the composite application guidance for WPF and Silverlight. It provides guidance and samples which make architecting robust extensible applications easy.

Shamelessly pasted from the Prism CodePlex site, here's what's included in v4:

  • The Prism Library for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight
  • Model-View-ViewModel Reference Implementation (MVVM RI)
  • Stock Trader Reference Implementation (Stock Trader RI)
  • Prism 4.0 Documentation (work-in-progress)
  • QuickStarts:
  • New or updated QuickStarts in Prism 4.0:
    • UI Composition QuickStart (combined View Injection and View Discovery QuickStarts)
    • Basic MVVM QuickStart
    • MVVM QuickStart
    • Modularity QuickStarts
    • State-Based Navigation QuickStart
    • View-Switching Navigation QuickStart
  • QuickStarts ported from Prism 2.x:
    • Commanding QuickStarts
    • Event Aggregation QuickStarts
    • Hello World QuickStarts
    • MultiTargeting QuickStarts

Major Changes

  • The Prism License has changed to the Microsoft patterns & practices license. Please see http://compositewpf.codeplex.com/license for details. It is also included in EULA.txt in the root Prism folder.
  • The Prism Library 4.0 code base, reference implementations, and QuickStarts are now code complete.
  • The Prism binaries are now included with the drop and are located in the bin folders. All projects consuming the Prism binaries now look for them at {prism}\Source\bin\{platform}
  • The Prism binaries can be rebuilt using the UpdatePrismBinaries.bat batch file located in the source folder.
  • The Prism binaries can be registered with Visual Studio using the RegisterPrismBinaries.bat batch file located in the source folder.
  • Consolidated and simplified the ViewInjection and ViewDiscovery QuickStarts into a single QuickStart called UIComposition QuickStart.
  • The Moq binaries are now included with Prism source code.
  • Moq binaries for WPF are in the {prism}\Lib\Desktop\Moq folder
  • Moq binaries for Silverlight are in the {prism}\Lib\Silverlight\Moq folder
  • Prism introduces a new RegionMemberLifetimeBehavior that removes views from a region when they become deactivated. Either the view or its view model can opt in to this by using the RegionMemberLifetimeAttribute or the IRegionMemberLifetime interface. For more information, see the RegionMemberLifetimeBehavior in the Prism4APIReference-Desktop.chm or Prism4APIReference-Silverlight.chm.
  • IActiveAware is now automatically checked on the view model as well as the view by the RegionActiveAwareBehavior.
  • Bug fixes
  • Finished converting the StockTraderRI to MEF and update for consistency with MVVM guidance.

Samples and Tutorials


If you run into any problems, or have questions, please post directly to the Prism CodePlex forums.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, October 5, 2010
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