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Silverlight in Action Book Update

Pete Brown - 27 July 2010

Silverlight 4 in Action, Revised Edition is almost complete. I've turned in all 25 chapters plus appendix, and had them go through editorial review, tech review, and copy editing. All the images are in-place. All that's left is for me to finish writing the front matter (About this Book, Acknowledgements, Preface)

Though we haven't updated the page count on the Manning site and Amazon yet, it's expected to come in around 800 pages. The final table of contents:

1. Introducing Silverlight
2. Core XAML
3. The application model and the plug-In
4. Integrating with the browser
5. Integrating with the desktop
6. Rendering, layout and transforming
7. Panels
8. Human input
9. Text
10. Controls and UserControls
11. Binding
12. Data controls: The Datagrid & Dataform
13. Input validation
14. Networking and communications
15. Navigation and dialogs
16. Structuring and testing with MVVM/ ViewModel pattern
17. WCF RIA services
18. Graphics and effects
19. Printing
20. Displaying and capturing media
21. Working with Bitmap images
22. Animation and behaviors
23. Resources, styles and control templates
24. Creating panels and controls
25. The install experiences and pre-loaders
Appendix A: Database, connection and data model setup

I may be a little biased, but I consider this to be a very comprehensive book for folks looking to write non-trivial applications in Silverlight 4.

If you've ordered the MEAP (Manning Early Access Edition) you should get an announcement of the new chapters soon. Keep in mind that while the content in the chapters is final, it's still early access: the version before the final editing passes.

We're not far off from final paper publication (several chapters are already being typeset). I can't provide an exact date just yet, but folks are working overtime to get this book out in record time.

If you're curious about the book, visit the site and download the free copy of Chapter 1: Introducing Silverlight.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, July 27, 2010
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6 comments for “Silverlight in Action Book Update”

  1. Marc Rousselsays:
    Just one thing in the Chapter 1.

    I quote here "...For example, while possible, you
    wouldn't necessarily want to build an entire web site using Silverlight; there are better tools
    for the job."

    I believe that I would certaintly consider making entire web site in Silverlight as nothing else in the other tools is as easy and as fun as making a web site in Silverlight with Expression Blend. Regardless of SEO difficulties and other considerations like reaching more people. Believe me I would not go back to make asp.net web site or any other way of making an entire web site than Silverlight. People need to adapt and grow then always beeing stuck with what they have. Those people that are running just PHP or ASP for free to make web sites is just making the man king, stuck somewhere and not advancing forward.

    Silverlight brings too much good things for entire web site than just beeing a FLASH PLAYER or anything else you could imagine.

    Also, bring the list of tools you're talking about because placing divs and things by Absolute positioning or CSS makes me totally crazy and want to quit the world of computing.

  2. Kelpssays:
    I didn't have a chance to read it all yet but I must say: This book is awesome! I have the MEAP subscription and I downloaded everytime it was updated.

    I was planning on writing on myself (in Portuguese) but I gave-up due to time constraints on my part. Now that I see your, I'm glad I didn't, because I'm sure mine wouldn't be as good and complete as yours.

    It would be really awesome if this book was translated to Portuguese because we have very little resources translated in Brazil and lots of beginner developers don't know any english. Do you know if Manning would be interested in publishing a translation? If so, let me know.

    Again, excellent work.
  3. Greg Hollywoodsays:
    Can't wait for this to come out in print! I can't imagine how you find the time to put all of this data together into a comprehisive book. Good work.

  4. Jason Hurdlowsays:
    I purchased the MEAP edition some time ago, just the eBook though as I wasn't sure it was going to be worth paying for the full printed version. Boy was I wrong! This is a very complete, well written book. I'm going to definitely be getting the print version now. I will be recommending this one to other developers!

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