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Silverlight.TV with John Papa and Me!

Pete Brown - 01 July 2010


When I was on campus in May, John and I recorded an episode of Silverlight.TV. Topic was Silverlight printing and reporting, including the codeplex project I created at http://silverlightreporting.codeplex.com.

John's Silverlight.TV show is an awesome way to pick up both news and info on Silverlight, and quick nuggets of information.

Thanks to John for taking the time to interview me for the show.

Check it out.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, July 1, 2010
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3 comments for “Silverlight.TV with John Papa and Me!”

  1. Marauderzsays:
    Hey Pete,

    I was just recently trying to print some QRCodes from Silverlight directly after porting over the Google Zxing library. http://bit.ly/aiVxAO

    then I noticed that Silverlight printing doesn't errr... what's the best word for this.. It doesn't Obey the 96 Dots Per Inch rule when printing?

    I'm very pleased with WPF printing where I know that something that's 96 pixels becomes 1 inch on paper, but I don't seem to be getting that with Silverlight.

    I'm pretty sure my container isn't being stretched when I applied the visual to the printdocument, is there something I should be aware of... or is it even possible at this point to have perfect control over the printing size?
  2. Petesays:
    When measuring for layout, Silverlight is using 96dpi, just as it does on-screen. So, you should actually see what you expect to see.

    When printing, I'm not sure what DPI it uses. It shouldn't matter for layout, though.

    Are you printing a jpeg or something? If so, does it have embedded DPI information?

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