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New Forums on Silverlight.net

Pete Brown - 09 June 2010

As part of the larger changes we're making to Silverlight.net, we just introduced four new forums as well as a slight regrouping of the existing forums.

It's always tricky to balance the number of forums. If you have too many, discussions all end up being "this isn't the right forum, go here" too few, and important low volume topics get lost in the flow. The newly-added forums meet that balance requirement and provide a place to discuss important topics.

Here are the new forums:

Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)

Discussion around using System.ComponentModel.Composition for extending, composing, and partitioning applications.

Performance Profiling and Optimization

Performance measuring, tuning, and optimization

MVVM / ViewModel Pattern

Discussion around the MVVM and related patterns. Related and alternative patterns are all in scope here.

Silverlight for Nokia Symbian

Developing in Silverlight for the Nokia Symbian Phone

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, June 9, 2010
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7 comments for “New Forums on Silverlight.net”

  1. Martin Kirksays:
    You lack a forum for discussions about Pixel Shaders...

    Pixel Shaders doesn't really fall into any category in the current forum. And i think that if we had a forum for it, people would find their answers faster and get answered faster.

    there aren't many forums on the internet solely regarding PS 2.0 - you'll mostly find PS 5-6-7-8 or whatever its up to these days...
  2. Robertsays:
    Nice work, I hope you will be able to change the forum layout on the Windows Client. NET site as well. BTW, have you looked at InstantASP.NET for forum software? It's what I use on one of my sites.
  3. Martin Kirksays:
    May i also stress, that the forum itself doesn't support all browsers !

    I know that Microsoft could/should be ignorant of other browsers, but since Silverlight is supporting Google Chrome - i would love to browse Silverlight.net in Google Chrome as well...

    the only thing i'm missing is the WYSIWYG editor in Google Chrome, otherwise i see no problems.
  4. Petesays:

    We're aware of this problem and trying to fix it. Some licensing changed on the latest version of the editing/highlighting component we use, so we have to run it through legal before we can upgrade.

    The latest versions will support Chrome. We'll get them up on the site as soon as we can.


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