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  • Getting a Job after Graduation Requires More than Just GPA and Resumes

    Ahh, graduation time. I just came back from Redmond and found my 10rem contacts email full of several messages like this: I'm a computer science graduate with a 3.x ... 4.0 GPA, and am looking for a job. Can you help? In my previous life, I hired a number of people, and also helped my clients interview prospective employees. It has been a while since I went to school, but let...

  • RIA Services Demo from PDX Code Camp

    The demo I presented at the Portland Code Camp on Saturday was a modified version of Brad Abrams' multi-part RIA Services walkthrough. You can find a full index to the series on Brad's old blog. The completed application is also available from that page. I also used AdventureWorks as the database. You can grab the AdventureWorks sample databases from codeplex.