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  • AudioOrchard: Awesome Silverlight app, Interview with Eric Herbrandson

    I'm not a musician, but I've always loved tinkering with synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines. I worked at a music store in high school, so I got to play with all the new toys. Since then, I've bought myself a new synth-related toy every once in a while. Music composition and tracker tools on the web have always been interesting to me. There have been a few different Silverlight...

  • Ultimate PC 2010

    I need a new PC. My current PC is based around an Intel E8400 45nm dual core chip. I had really good luck overclocking that guy, but performance is still lacking. The drives are dog slow, and the 4gb of memory (it's still running 32 bit so I see only 3.25) doesn't support well having a video encoder running, multiple instances of Visual Studio, and the other things I do as part of my ...