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New Channel 9 Video: The Umbraco Core Team

Pete Brown - 26 March 2010

Earlier this year, I created a new version of my site using Umbraco, and ported my old community server blog over to it. If you're reading on my site now, you're reading this on an umbraco-based blog. I'm still working on porting my main site (wallpaper, hobbies etc.) to the new platform, but the site came out well. While working with Umbraco, I was thoroughly impressed with the simplicity of design and approach that went into making it.

Some of the coolest folks I met at MIX10 were those working on, with, or for Umbraco. I couldn't resist interviewing these guys so we could all learn a bit more about the ASP.NET Open Source CMS.


Video is up on Channel 9.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, March 26, 2010
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