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MSDN Windows Developer Center Redesign

Pete Brown - 11 March 2010

We've all been busy on our various sites. Earlier this year, we put out an overall redesign for MSDN. Yesterday, the asp.net site team went live with a redesign to the asp.net site (looks awesome, btw). Also yesterday, we went live with the redesigned Windows Developer Center on MSDN.

The team really pulled out all the stops in making this a beautiful and usable site. From a visual design standpoint, I love the new lighter and fresher feel, based on the Windows color scheme. The old design was good, but always seemed a bit cluttered, and without a really good sense of how to accomplish the tasks that brought you to the site.



The new UI also breaks out top Windows Features and top Windows Tasks. This provides quicker access to the areas that are most popular with Windows developers. Interested in the Sensor and Location API (I know I am)? It's right there.


Once you visit each section, you'll find a consistent approach to the content. Each section includes:

  • Technology Overviews: Videos and articles that provide an overview of the technology area
  • Step-by-Step Learning: Tutorials, videos etc. to help you get started
  • Sample Applications: Deeper use of the technology in the form of a number sample applications
  • Next Steps: Information you can use once you have the basics down


We went through a few rounds of updating the grouping and organization of the Windows developer forums. I think you'll find the new organization makes more sense both to folks new to the site as well as those who have been around for a bit.


The community page aggregates what you, the community, are saying about Windows development. Here we include MVP blog posts, twitter, delicious and digg buzz, books and community resources.



We'd be doing a disservice if we put out a great new design, but didn't refresh the content. To that end, we've made a bunch of updates to some of the most popular content on the site. Key areas under "top windows tasks" specifically have been worked through by subject matter experts in each area. They've picked some of the most useful articles and tutorials, made sure they were polished up, and then made sure they were the right bits to help you learn about the technology. It's all about making sure you have what you need to get started.


Congratulations again to the team who put this together and especially to Lisa Supinski who drove the effort.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, March 11, 2010
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1 comment for “MSDN Windows Developer Center Redesign”

  1. Pisethsays:
    Hmmm....That's why asp.net website was temporary down, now It's up with new UI and UX.
    :-) the previously the website was a bit too log to load, but now just click and see.
    To me, this new MSDN, feel just much easier to find what I want, as it already shown on the front page.

    ----Bravo Design Team!!!!

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