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Announcing: The WPF Feature Feedback and Voting Site

Pete Brown - 12 February 2010

I like getting WPF feedback from the community. I talk to customers, look at blogs, scan forums, and have standing searches set up on Twitter. The feedback I get is great, but it's not structured or contained in all one location.

We’re now in the early planning stages for WPF v.next. Following some of the great work folks like Tim Heuer have done in making the Silverlight planning process more transparent and open since our last WPF release, the WPF product team has created the WPF public feature request and voting site at uservoice.


How it Works

I’ve seeded the list with common feature requests I’ve heard, as well as read on various WPF-enthusiast blogs out on the tubes. If you see something you want, vote it up. If you don’t see something, add it as a new feature suggestion.

Each user gets 10 votes to spread across the features that matter most to them. The features with the most votes are the ones that the community feels are the most important.

If you run out of votes, you can change your existing votes. You’ll also get votes returned to you when we mark an idea as completed or on the rare occasion when an idea is deleted.

When adding new suggestions, help us out by describing the scenario in which you’d use the feature. The better the description and title, the more likely it will get voted up by the community.

Of course, this isn’t the only way we get customer feedback into the products. MVPs, Influentials, major customers and ISVs, internal users (think: Visual Studio and Expression teams and others) and others all have an impact on what features make it into the final product. The combination of all these feedback channels helps us create the best possible product with the right feature set.

Go Vote!

So go and visit our new feature voting site, tell your friends and colleagues about it, and vote for the suggestions and features you want most in the next version of WPF. I’m looking forward to seeing what the community really wants in the next version of WPF.


posted by Pete Brown on Friday, February 12, 2010
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5 comments for “Announcing: The WPF Feature Feedback and Voting Site”

  1. Pete Brownsays:
    <p>@Jens</p><p>I'm not sure who these "local MS executives" are, but they definitely shouldn't be telling people that.</p><p>I work directly with the WPF and Silverlight product teams. Neither product is anywhere near "dead"</p><p>Also see: <a href="/blogs/pete_browns_blog/archive/2009/12/01/The-Future-of-Client-App-Dev-_3A00_-WPF-and-Silverlight-Convergence.aspx" rel="nofollow" target="_new">http://community.irritatedvowel.com/blogs/pete_browns_blog/archive/2009/12/01/The-Future-of-Client-App-Dev-_3A00_-WPF-and-Silverlight-Convergence.aspx</a></p><p>Pete</p>
  2. Jenssays:
    <p>My boss went to a Belgian Event for ISVs and there they told him exactly that.  </p><p>So either he didn't understand it properly (but I doubt it because of how he told it) or they did not formulate it properly.  Anyway, that was one of the messages he came back with, regardless of how they exactly told it.</p><p>This does not make me want to mention WPF when we're talking about the soon-to-come v2 of our WinForms app.</p>
  3. Raja Venkateshsays:
    <p>We expect a version-0 or version-1 of a wizard which could atleast attempt to migrate a winform application into WPF application.  I understand there are no one to one equal controls in WPF but the wizard could tell the percentage of completion.  That would help us target only the non migrated controls/components to be created manually in WPF - for example a windows property grid may not have a one to one equivalent in WPF etc.</p><p>Once this wizard is released, you should target a wizard which would convert a winform/wpf application to silverlight web application.</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Venkat</p>
  4. Pisethsays:
    Does anyone think WPF will be dead????
    But I don't think so.
    Silverlight is much better for the Web Platform and WPF is the Win Platform's hero.
    As far I know Visual Studio 2010 built on the top of WPF, So just imagine! How will WPF be dead?
    No Way Out!!!

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  1. uberVU - social commentssays:
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pete_Brown: Announcing: The WPF v.Next Feature Feedback and Voting Site http://bit.ly/WpfFeedback #wpf