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Some Fun Blogs I Subscribe to

Pete Brown - 16 January 2010

I subscribe to maybe a hundred blogs, most of which are related to programming or design. To keep it mixed up, I do have a bunch that I read every day just for fun. Here they are, in alphabetical order. Take a peak through, and if you find some you like, go ahead and subscribe. If there are some you sub to now that I don’t have listed here, let me know in the comments – I’m always looking for new stuff.



They’re there, just lurking in your photo albums: those horrible 80’s and 90’s photo poses, those family members with mullets and crossbows, young children reading the Exorcist. Relive the awkwardness here.

Boing Boing

The News Feed for Geeks. This is just a ton of random stuff that can be interesting or terribly boring. It’s updated pretty frequently, and is skim-friendly.
C64 Walkabout

If you’re a C64 fan, you’ll want to subscribe to this blog and podcast. The blog has tons of great bits of info, and the podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. Kudos to these guys for putting together such a great site dedicated to the bestselling computer of all time.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast too. You’ll enjoy it.
Dilbert Daily Strip

Dilbert comic in your RSS feeds daily. If you’ve ever worked in a cube farm, you’ll love Dilbert

Engadget usually has great info on the latest tech products and news. Their site is a little ad-heavy and distracting, but the RSS feed is just right.
Epic Win FTW

In contracts to the FAIL Blog, Epic Win FTW showcases pure awesomeness

If you’re the type to laugh out loud when the person next to you trips on the sidewalk and splits open their face, this is the site for you. Fails of all sorts from the minor to the truly epic.

Interesting posts in an almost Ira Glass-type sarcastic tone, but angrier. Sometimes fun.
Oddly Specific

Signs signs everywhere signs. But not just any signs – signs that are bizarre in their specificity or the message they’re trying to convey.
Offbeat Earth

Always something interesting here, and not too spammy with the posts.
People of Walmart

When you were younger, did you sit around the mall poking fun at people as they walked by? Do you do it now? Did you ever gasp when you saw the hideous outfit someone was wearing in the store? This is the site for you.

Mullets. People dressed as pimps, animals, and in clothes that are just plain wrong, if you can even classify them as clothes. Oh, and people doing just plain stupid stuff in the aisles of Walmart
Probably Bad News

This site is full of badly reported news. It’s funny in the “roll your eyes and be glad you get news from multiple sources” kind of way.

Super-detailed LEGO trains. ‘nuff said.
The Oatmeal

Funny, well-written and always easy on the eyes.

Punch a dolphin for me.
This is Photobomb

Have you ever looked at a photo after you developed it or uploaded it to your PC, and found something unwanted in it? Like someone making a face in the background, or a bunch of guys standing around with aprons printed with ….umm… sausages on them? You’ll find it here.

A little bit of everything from the internet. Great blog that always has something interesting.

A comic for geeks and science/math geniuses everywhere.

My favorite comic on the web – and I’m not a science/math genius :)

You Drive What?

Way over the top vehicles that folks see around town. From the action figure car, to the oddly pimped out snack food product placements to the catbus from Totoro. It’s all here.


Have any interesting feeds I missed? Post them in the comments below.

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