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  • Returned my Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

    For as long as I can remember, I would always wake up tired. I don’t drink caffeine in the afternoon/evening, so I always figured I would wake a lot during the night due to apnea or something. My wife had recommended that I go visit a sleep clinic. Never one to go see a human when a piece of electronics could tell me almost as much, and leave my medically untrained self to interpret the resul...

  • One of my other hobbies : Aquaria

    I have way too many hobbies. If I retired today, I’d still be really busy :) Among my hobbies is taking care of the three aquariums in the house. I have my 55 gallon tropical tank upstairs in the transition from the hall to the living room, a 55 gallon goldfish tank in my basement home office, and then my wife has a 20 gallon guppy tank in a corner of the dining room. As the 20 gallon is really...