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My latest videos – WPF, Silverlight, Sensors, and PDC09

Pete Brown - 18 December 2009

Here’s a list of videos I’ve put on various sites lately. The first set includes videos I’ve done for WindowsClient.net, to help folks learn how to build cool applications on Windows. The second set are some of the interviews I did at PDC09, showing cool apps folks have built in WPF and Silverlight. More of both will be coming soon,


Channel 9 – Videos recorded at PDC09

While you can hear everything (especially if you use headphones), the audio on the PDC videos could definitely be better. I’m going to get either remote mics or a unidirectional mic for my HD camera before I interview in a noisy conference hall again :)

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, December 18, 2009
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2 comments for “My latest videos – WPF, Silverlight, Sensors, and PDC09”

  1. Alan Kellysays:
    <p>I visited your page and read at ... </p><p><a href="/blogs/pete_browns_blog/archive/2009/12/18/My-latest-videos-_1320_-WPF_2C00_-Silverlight_2C00_-Sensors_2C00_-and-PDC09.aspx">http://community.irritatedvowel.com/blogs/pete_browns_blog/archive/2009/12/18/My-latest-videos-_1320_-WPF_2C00_-Silverlight_2C00_-Sensors_2C00_-and-PDC09.aspx</a> </p><p>about you recording in "a noisy conference hall..." </p><p>Wherever you will record, if you take a precautionary measure to take a "noise sample"* of that environment you can use that aftwerwards to "lift" the noise out with an audio toolbox, even if you use better mics. </p><p>If you have well-recorded audio or not, VerbatimIT will produce a transcript for you. They can even fix up many varieties of poorly-recorded audio. *noise sampling = 4 or 5 seconds of background sounds besides those which you introduce yourself, i.e., din of traffic, droning fan, constant motor noise. </p><p>ak</p>
  2. Pete Brownsays:

    Thanks for the info. I tried some common noise reduction techniques, but the background noise wasn't constant enough (and it was human voices, same as what I was recording) so the results were worse than taking it raw.

    I plan to solve this with the right mic for the situation, but I appreciate the feedback.


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