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  • Silverlight 4 COM Support and 32/64 bit machines – the C64 Emulator

    My primary development machine at home is still (gasp!) running the 32 bit version of Windows 7. I just haven’t gotten around to paving it to upgrade to 64 bit. My other machines, including my presentation laptop, are all running 64 bit. Prior to PDC, I had made some significant changes to the Silverlight C64 emulator. I added sound, started to add a touch-enabled user interface, fixed up some...

  • Getting ready to relaunch my site on Umbraco CMS

    December is a relatively quiet time at Microsoft, and despite having a bunch of content work to complete, and several chapters to go in my Silverlight 4 book, I felt it would be a good time to give my site a real overhaul. My old site was fractured into two main parts: the legacy asp.net site that had all my pre-blog content, as well as some games, and a bunch of pretty popular desktop wallpap...