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Divine Vision, black helicopters, or sleep deprivation?

Pete Brown - 16 August 2009

Today, while sitting at the kitchen table at my sister in law’s house in PA, waiting for my nephew’s 9th birthday party to kick into gear, I had a vision. By vision, I mean something along the lines of the Cheesus, chipotle Mary, chipped Jesus on toast, or Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich kinds of revelations -- but perhaps closer to the Dvorak toast.

image image

Was it a freak trick of lighting, a divine revelation, or was a Microsoft satellite using lasers to beam the image into the house, to the wall, to convince my 9yo cousin to lay off the Wii and get a real computer and waste countless hours in InPrivate mode instead of pretending to exercise in front of the TV?

Is it a message to me to go door-to-door and inform people of the irresponsibility of staying on IE6? A blessed endorsement of IE8? Was I just seeing things because I’ve been up too late working on Silverlight projects?

Nerd Pareidolia. You decide.

(All in good fun - no offense intended to anyone, except maybe someone who thinks revelations come from frito-lay. Please pipe all complaints to /dev/null.)

posted by Pete Brown on Sunday, August 16, 2009
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2 comments for “Divine Vision, black helicopters, or sleep deprivation?”

  1. Franksays:
    <p>Pete: Knock-knock </p><p>Random Person: Yes? </p><p>P: Can I interest you in some literature about the evils of IE6? </p><p>RP: umm, I'm sorry we're not interested. We use FireFox </p><p>P: Blashpemer! </p><p>RP: [slams door shut and mutters to self] freaks! </p>
  2. G andrewssays:
    It's an old PAC-MAN.

    Do not stop at GO.
    Plug your ears before the "music" starts. And get someone to tie you to the mast of your ship like Ulysses.


    I just tumbled on your site trying to understand how CNC will make my model railroad construction easier. The same quest I've been on for over 50 years. Heck I still have the Kilobaud magazine that was going to help me "computerize" my model railroad!

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