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  • What Happened to the asp:Silverlight Control?

    You may have noticed that in Silverlight 3 RTW, there’s no more asp:Silverlight or asp silverlight-based media player controls. Those were removed from the core SDK and are no longer part of the official Silverlight distribution What does this mean for me? If you have an existing Silverlight 2 application that you are maintaining, you can continue to use the asp:Silverlight control. If you po...

  • Welcoming Silverlight 3 RTW

    As of today, Silverlight 3 has officially released. My congratulations again to the Silverlight and Expression teams for the great job they did in getting some great products out on a relatively short timeline. Breaking Changes and Quirks Mode Be sure to read the breaking changes document that is included with the Silverlight 3 development tools. This will help clear up any confusion about wh...