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More Pixel Shader Effects for Silverlight

Pete Brown - 15 May 2009

Did you know that the WPF Effects Library on CodePlex has been updated for Silverlight 3? If not, hurry up and check it out:


Here’s a Channel 9 video demonstrating the effects (in WPF). Below are two effect screen shots, and one transition screen shot, just taken using Silverlight 3.

image image image

Another source of pixel shader HLSL code may be found on Rakesh’s blog here. I’m not sure that any of those work in Silverlight, but it’s worth a try, or is at least good to learn from.

On my effects wish list:

  • Inner glow/shadow
  • Desaturation (seems to be possible with this codeplex lib, but will need to try)

If you want to learn more about the shader language, type HLSL into your search engine of choice and have at it. There’s a lot out there. Here’s one.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, May 15, 2009
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2 comments for “More Pixel Shader Effects for Silverlight”

  1. Corysays:
    Hey Pete ... don't know if you saw this or not ... but I recently created a blend mode effect library for WPF ... and the promptly converted it for Silverlight. Some of the same HLSL that Rakesh did ... is in my library ... and more.


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