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  • Silverlight Tip : Nest Another Grid Inside LayoutRoot for Flexibility

    This is something I’ve been doing since we first got LayoutRoot, and it has saved me aggravation a number of times. This works in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 (the drop shadow effect in the example below only works in Silverlight 2). Simply put: I never set column definitions, margins or anything else related to layout directly on layout root. Instead, I nest another grid inside it and work...

  • Silverlight 3 Quick Tip : Lambda Expressions for Async Web Service Calls

    (this should work in SL2 as well) All network calls in Silverlight are asynchronous. The proliferation of event handling functions this can cause just makes for really cluttered code. Using lambda expressions seems to make my code a bit cleaner. (You can also use regular anonymous delegates, but the lambdas involve less typing) public void LoadPolicyDetail() { IvcDataServiceClient clien...