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Expression Newsletter - Silverlight Toolkit Charting Article

Pete Brown - 20 January 2009

The Expression Newsletter is out. In the current issue, you’ll find my article about styling charts in the Silverlight Toolkit. I learned a lot while writing that article, and I hope you learn a lot from reading it.

As promised, here’s the follow-up article on using overlays. I’m looking forward to seeing some cool data visualization in Silverlight 2!

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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3 comments for “Expression Newsletter - Silverlight Toolkit Charting Article”

  1. Patrick Sturmersays:
    Pete - great blog and thanks for the article! I am new silverlight and the toolkit and have a question about the pie chart - is it possible to permanently assign a color to a legend item (so that the chart is prevented from cycling through its colors when updated with a new (or very similar) list of items via it's DataContext)?

  2. Pete Brownsays:

    A suggestion one of the toolkit team members made to me in respone to a similar question was to include the color as a property of the object you're binding to, then modify the control style/template to bind to that property to get its color.

    That may not be the only solution here, but it's one of them.

  3. Frank Schumachersays:
    Hi Pete,

    first, let me thank you for an extensive and easy to read tutorial. It helped me a lot to personalize my Charts. Unfortunately, there are severe changes in the October 2009 build of the toolkit, that render your work almost useless, because of the changed syntax.
    Would it be possible to update your great article to the new release of the Toolkit?


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