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Silverlight Controls Source Now Available

Pete Brown - 08 January 2009

You knew you could get the source for the Silverlight Toolkit on CodePlex, but now you can get the source and unit tests for the core Silverlight 2  controls from MS Downloads.

Silverlight 2 Controls Source Available Here.

This download contains the source code and unit tests for the managed Silverlight 2 controls included in System.Windows.dll, System.Windows.Controls.dll, and System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll.

The Silverlight 2 controls provide common user-interface and data-presentation functionality. These controls also support a rich styling and templating model, which enables you to alter the appearance and behavior of the controls. The styling and templating model uses XAML as an interchange format, which enables you to perform extensive customization using tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Expression Blend.

To develop Silverlight-based applications that use the Silverlight 2 controls, you do not need this source code. The source code for the Silverlight 2 controls enables you to learn the inner workings of the controls. This is useful if you want to extend the controls or use them as a reference implementation when you implement your own controls. Complete unit tests provide additional guidance in developing polished, professional controls.

The source code for the Silverlight 2 controls includes implementations for the following controls:

  • ButtonBase
  • Button
  • HyperlinkButton
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • CheckBox
  • ToogleButton
  • RepeatButton
  • RangeBase
  • Slider
  • ScrollBar
  • ProgressBar
  • Calendar
  • DataGrid
  • DatePicker
  • GridSplitter
  • TabControl
posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, January 8, 2009
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